monthly column


by Ruediger Glatz

Twelve people, Characters, extraordinary in their ordinarieness. Twelve people united by their passion for Art. From the Rethoric of the Barrister, to the search for new Art forms by the Gallerist, the Aesthetics of the Designer and Tailor or the creative versatility of the Musician... photographed from the artist Ruediger Glatz who created THE NEW BLACK.


Fade to Blue

by Aaron Rose

Aaron Rose pays tribute to classic 1960’s Italian melodrama with a series of films celebrating Sutor Mantellassi’s timeless style.

Shoe Shine
Shoe Shine
Finest Show Care:
Everything you need is enclosed in a luxurious calfskin set.
Shoe Trees:
Inserting shoe trees helps stretching the leather, maintaining the original form of the shoe.

Capsule Collection by Scott Schuman

“I wanted to make an updated and modern sneaker that looked very clean and chic but that also had interesting color combinations.
For me, I’m always looking for interesting color combinations when I photograph, so I wanted to bring thatsame interest into designing this collaboration.”

Capsule Collection by Scott Schuman

woman column

A coffee with

A series of capturing portraits and interviews of outstanding 
women, that have made it on their own and are bonded to Milan, home of Sutor Mantellassi.