A Legacy Begins

Cemented directly into the hard concrete of Hollywood Walk of Fame are the impressions of film star Marcello Mastroianni, wearing none other than his favoured pair of Sutor Mantellassi shoes.

Walk down memory lane – February 8, 1965 to be precise – with an immortal icon of cinematic history: Marcello Mastroianni. Sought out by the greatest of directors ranging from Pietro Germi to the king of film noir Federico Fellini, Mastroianni was the standard in prestigious Italian masterpieces and international classics.

And in 1965 along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, this debonair gentleman actor stamped his pair of Sutor Mantellassi soles straight into the urban fabric of the City of Angels. Like that milestone in cinematic history, we believe Mastroianni’s perennial sense of style will never fade, continuing a sartorial legacy of understated elegance.

I spend everything I earn. In haste, with delight. One day midnight will sound and the spell will end. Before midnight, I want to enjoy everything.

Marcello Mastroianni