June 16

Home slipper conceived by Thomas Erber and Sutor Mantellassi for the VIP Clients of Les Bains hotel


Thomas Erber, worldwide valued trend setter, collaborates with Sutor Mantellassi for a new project thought for Parisian hotel Les Bains.


Thomas Erber and Sutor Mantellassi, after the achievement of their third collaboration, create a home slipper inspired by the concept of Les Bains and its soul, which enlightened the creativity of many people and trend setters, as a symbol of abandon to luxury and contemporary sheer.


The footwear in black velvet mantains the classic shape of the home slipper, enriched by the grit of Les Bains’ logo (the god Bacchus), embroidered in silver, and of a soft sole made for a unique comfort.


The slipper is purchasable at Les Bains’ concept store and by all the VIP clients at Les Bains hotel in Paris, in Rue du Bourg-l’Abbé.