M.M. – A Stylish Tribute

Director Aaron Rose pays tribute to Fellini’s iconic 1963 film 8 ½, reviving with impeccable style, the legend of Marcello Mastroianni.

Sutor Mantellassi presents the film M.M. by director Aaron Rose for Pitti Uomo N°87. A tribute to Federico Fellini’s iconic 1963 film 8 ½, Saraghina dances her scintillating rumba on a beach. Marcello Mastroianni’s shadow watches on, his identity impressed into the sand. But in a surreal moment he floats skyward. His shoes hover above the distant shore, attached only by a thin white rope as crashing waves reprise the fading Cuban beats.

Aaron Rose is the fearless voice of his generation, encouraging unconventional creations.

About Aaron Rose

Artist and director Aaron Rose is considered a millennial Renaissance man. His seminal film Beautiful Losers capture a new generation of DIY artists with new approaches to graffiti and street art. Existing between creation and curation, Rose celebrates his peers and their realities through films, exhibitions and writings. He is also the founder of Make Something – a program pairing aspiring artists with acclaimed creatives in their field.