January 17

Sutor Mantelassi at Pitti Uomo with the exhibiton “CHARACTERS” by Ruediger Glatz

On the occasion of the 90th Edition of Pitti Uomo, Sutor Mantellassi and Ruediger Glatz present their exhibition ‘Characters’: a series of portraits by the artist Reudiger Glatz, which tells the story of strong, defined personalities, of men with character.

“Character” derives from the Greek word ‘charasso’, a verb which means to sculpt, to forge, to engrave, or to print, and from this word derives the term ‘character’, meaning footprint .

“Characters”: a name which contains within it the centenary story of Sutor Mantellassi, along with those of illustrious names such as Ezra Pound, Giovanni Spadolini, Marcello Mastroianni, Giorgio Strehler, Gabriele D’Annunzio and Henry Fonda, all of whom, in the past, have chosen to wear unique shoes, leaving a ‘footprint’ in our history.

“This exhibition is an incredible collection of images; portraits of men linked by a common trait: passion. Each one with his own obsession, his own internal strength, expressed through a gaze, a gesture, affirming the certainty of his own personal consciousness. Each one represents the passion which is the trait which they have in common with men who, every day, create Sutor Mantellassi shoes. Each one lives his passion with the same intensity and pleasure with which our clients wear a pair of these fabulous, unique shoes by Sutor Mantellassi”, says Managing Director Anton Magnani.

The ‘Characters’ exhibition, curated by Alberto Salvadori, curator Established Masters and Deacades Miart, is a collection of portraits of people like Carlos Baker, founder of the brand ‘Jan and Carlos’, French journalist James Sleaford, American artist Beau Stanton, Franco-German Art Curator Johann Haehling Von Lanzenauer, Welsh tailor and designer Timothy Everest, German artist Sandro Kopp, bass-player Saturnino Celani, trend-setter Thomas Erber, photographer, director and producer Jeanne-Pierre Marois, lawyer Massimo Montesano, and German artist and photographer for the exhibition, Reudiger Glatz.

The exhibition, held in ‘Palazzo Gianfigliazzi’, located at 4 Lungarno Corsini , will be inaugurated on the evening of January 10th 2017, and will be open to the public from Wednesday 11th to Friday 13th January 2017.